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Devil Catcher is a third-person Platformer with some Combat elements.

It was created for the A Game By Its Cover 2021 GameJam.

The Original Cover Inspiration and Character Designs by Chiquiwawi

Devlog for the game: 

Version 2.0 Adds:

  • 1 new Level
  • 2 Bosses
  • 4 Unlockable Skins
  • FPS Mode

Game made by Tenkaiyo

Original FamiCase by Chiquiwawi

Check out the others entry that used the same Cover as inspiration:

SaltedSporks Devil Catcher

NicoleDevs Devil Catcher

Also, Check out the game by a friend of mine made for the same GameJam:

Delivery Dispatch!

!!! If there is a bug please let me know !!!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(75 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags3D, Anime, Cute, Low-poly, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Third Person


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DevilCatcher Ver2.3.zip 48 MB
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DevilCatcher Ver2.3 Linux.zip

Development log


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super cool game! was so excited to see another game by tenkaiyo :3 was really fun to play!

Thank you so much!!! Hope you will enjoy my next one too!!!


I adored Devil Catcher!!

the game was filled with personality and charm! The platforming was good and i enjoyed the bosses and style of it all! It was a beautiful experince and i enjoyed every second of it!

thank you so much for the kind words in your video and for playing through the game twice!! Glad you enjoyed the FPS skin!!

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Me again, remember? Has been a while.

As I'm developing my own game on linux atm, I realized linux only supports .wav for audio and .webm with VP8 (unity doesn't support .webm with VP9 which is default encode) for video. I'm not sure if the game of yours uses videos or if they are just animated scenes but I tought I let you know those 2 very important things :)


Thank you so much for letting me know!! I now changed every song in the Linux version from an mp3 file to a wav file so I hope it works now!!


Yes :)!

wait does it work??? 

yes because you changed them from mp3 to wav files.

thank you!!!


Relatively short and sweet! I wonder if you were inspired by Dokuro-chan for this one, but I was playing the opening song the whole time I played this and it was a pretty authentic experience. Repelling evil has never been so fun and easy, 10/10, would like to have more! Circle underneath the character to see where I land, THANK YOU for this feature, it's super good. I love also how the game doesn't hold your hand. You get the Second Wing (or was it second wind maybe I misread...) and the training wheels are off, even though I didn't find the platforming to be challenging unless you equip the FPS costume which is a cool feature btw, I love it. It was fun! I absolutely adore the aesthetic of this game too, everything just looks so cute, I'm pretty sure something like a plush for angel and devil would probably be a nice idea... haha jk unless 
As always, keep it up with the absolutely amazing variety of releases!


Dokuro chan wasn't really an inspiration and I sadly never watched that anime. The game was Inspired by a Famicase Cartridge from the artist Chiquiwawi and a lot of other works by the artist.  So the original Angel and Devil design arent by me. (I would love if the artist made a plush or merch in general from those designs!) Thank you so much for all the compliments the last few days and thank you so much for playing through my games!! Hope you will enjoy my next project as well!


Can you set up a speed running page on Speedrun.com? It would be awesome!

(1 edit)

Never did anything like that, I will see what I can do!! Veinless property for example is on speedrun.com and I had nothing to do with it

This might also take more than 7 days to do because the website has a policy of accounts needing to be at least 7 days old before they can request a game.

Took some time but here it is! https://www.speedrun.com/devil_catcher


omg thanks soo much


there is one problem and that is that there is no categories to submit a speedrun in.

Whoops my bad. I added an Any% categorie!


how do u first person mode?

after you play through the second level you unlock the first person's skin in the main menu under "Extras".
Hope that wasn't confusing!


Thanks! I just played it once and Im already in love with it


We had a lot of fun hoppin our way around and boppin some devils! Always love seeing unique 3D platformers on Itch. It has a really cool art style and the gameplay was decently challenging. Really glad we tried this out :D

Thank you for checking out my game!! Really enjoyed your Playthrough!!! 


I Enjoy! it's a fun lil platform bonk blaster game :)


Thank you!!!

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A nice short platformer. I really like the visual style for the characters and environment with the thick outlines and dotted textures (idk the specific name for that kind of thing; Ben-Day dots??). Very cool!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the art!! (I think its called half tone but im not 100% sure honestly)


What a groovy game. The platforming took me a while to get used to, but once I was into it, I had a great time.

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed it!!!


A lovely short game with cute 3d Graphics and with a complicated battle. I highly recommend playing this . I made a little video about this game if someone is interested in watching it, before playing.

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you enjoyed my small game!!


Loved the art. Played the entire game twice, but I must admit I had more fun in first person mode.

Thank you so much for the compliment and also for playing through the game twice!! I gotta say I also enjoy the first person mode a bit more!

ok i install

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I absolutely love this game!! the colors are very nice to look at! but i kinda have a problem, how do i go in first person? or can you only do that in certain levels?


Thank you so much!!!

You unlock the first person skin if you play through level 2. You can equip the skin in the main menu.


Absolutely loved it, finished it once in third person and once in first person, and I personally found the first person mode a lot easier to control since I'm used to FPS games. Btw, is there anywhere we can listen to the music? Loved the vaporwavy vibe but I couldn't find the tracks listed anywhere so I guess it's all original


You don't know how happy this comment makes me!! Thank you so much for playing through Devil Catcher with both perspectives!!
The music is not original it is from a website called Artlist but you can find all songs on Spotify and probably Youtube

The songs are listed here:

Main menu: My Reasons Have Changed - Jamie Bathgate
Level 1: Pink Flamingo - Ace
Devil Boss: Data 80 - Stefano Mastronardi
Level 2: Thirds - Jamie Bathgate
God Boss: Data 80 - Stefano Mastronardi


This was a really fun lil game. This game kinda reminds me of Poison Control if you've ever heard of that. Even if the combat was simple, it did the job and the last boss was really cool and pretty well done. The art style is phenomenal, I really love super stylized cell-shaded stuff so this made me really happy. Very reminiscent of Dreamcast-Era Sega stuff like Jet Set Radio and Puyo Puyo Fever. The music was good too! I'll definitely keep an eye on your future work and check out your past work!! I really love this game!! 


Thank you so much!!! Never heard of Poison Control but it looks really cute! Dreamcast games were a major inspiration for the game (Jet set Radio. Sonic Adventure and Space Channel 5 in particular). Thank you so much for all the love I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much!!

Brilliant! ❤️



Pessoal lancei a segunda parte do jogo no meu canal! Enfrentei um chefão com um olho na mão??! 

Espero que curtam! O canal é novo, então que puder apoiar eu agradeço de coração!!

Thank you!


Hey! I tried to run this game on MacOS, but when I used the system archive program, I get an error message saying "The application “DevilCatcher Ver2.2 Mac” can’t be opened." I looked up the message, and I found this board saying that I need to use a third-party archive program. I used a program called The Unarchiver and the extracted game was able to run. 

Apparently, according to the board, this happens because the application doesn't have execution permissions, and that's because the file was compressed incorrectly. 

Thank you so much for the comprehensive info and help!!! I will look into it as soon as possible!

i love this game, the art is beautiful. I made an itch.io account just to follow the progress of this game

Thank you so much!!!


I just wish it had lasted longer very entertaining and funny

Thank you!!!

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Combat could use some work. I can't seem to get the block to actually do anything and beating the first boss was pure RNG because it's so hard to dodge her while actually getting hits lined up. It also seems to sometimes deal contact damage at random from hitting her. 

It turned into a slow health chipping battle of getting one hit in every time he did her circle of hammers and then dodging back out again.  

I love the concept overall though 

smells like dreamcast

I agree, the cover looks like the original Dreamcast game cover designs.

yea. the ones that looked like they were from 2008 or something.

The game's models and the cover where both made in the style of Dreamcast games!

thought so


Eae rapaziada, fiz um video zueiro jogando Devil Catcher, quem puder dar um passada lá:


Cute Artstyle.




This game is super cute lol

Thank you!


Lovely Game. Full releasable I would say felt really good while platforming

combat can be polished a bit.

But damn oh damn the visual!!!!! extraodrinary.

p.s. i dunno if a bug or a feature but on god boss mode I spawned in with no gun :( can't fight that demon, let me know what to do here I want to play through the whole game


Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the visuals so much!!! I aggree im not the best when it comes to making the playercontroller feel 100% right but I hope I will learn in that regard!

You can Press Q or roll the scroll wheel to switch between the gun and the hammer! That the player doesnt spawn with the gun equiped in the beginning of the boss is a dumb oversight that I should probably fix in a later update!

Hope you have fun with the boss!!


Ohhhhh! maybe the game instructed about this switching weapon mechanic but I missed it. now back to playing I go


It's amazing! The perfect amount of being anxious when making the big jump, haha! Pure fun of slamming the hammer and shooting with the gun, great game.

Thank you so much for the high praise and the nice review!!! Glad you enjoyed it!


Looking forward to seeing more from this developer! This game, while short, was an absolute blast and I would love to see an expanded version!

Thank you so much! I aggree the combat could use a bit of work.

Hope you enjoy my next project as well!!! 

 Why is it expecting me to pay when it is labeled as free


you need to go to the "no thank you just take me to the dowload" button below


 Oh. Thank you. I figured it out but did not come back to delete my comment. Thank you for the help, I am new here and to the world of game development.


no problem!

Oh thank you. I figured it out but I did not come back to delete my comment. Thank you for your help. I am new her


Good game!

Thank you!


I had to make an account just to say this, I WANT A FULL GAME.

This game seriously was so so fun and its art-style is so unique and retro it just makes me wanting more, the colors and the character design, the boss-fights and the first person mode, everything was so perfect I just wish it was an actual game.

I really like the way the characters look, the platforming gives me a nostalgic vibe and the overall feel of it makes it feel like I'm playing a remaster of an old childhood game.

If there was a Kickstarter or a GoFundMe I would absolutely pay for something like this!

(1 edit) (+2)

This is just way too kind!! Thank you so much for the compliments and enjoying Devil Catcher to such a huge amount, that makes me so happy!! 

I think I'm done with devil catcher for now.
After I published the Game Jam version I still had some ideas I wanted to create, and with version 2.0 I basically added everything I wanted.

Right now I'm feeling a bit burned out with jump and run games and I'm working on a completely different project BUT It was a lot of fun creating this game and I would love to make a continuation or a similar game in the future!!


this game took me by surprise. had so much. art style was awesome. music was awesome. please tell me the name of the song from the second level? its soooooo nice. great game man fr

Thank you so so much!! Really enjoyed your let's play and especially your freestyles!!!
The song in the second level is called "Thirds by Jamie Bathgate" and I got it from Artlist but you can also find the song on Spotify


Aw man thanks again, can’t wait to see more games from you, great job 


So white and fresh. No blood, dark places, no killing, even enemies. Rare game!

Thank you!!!

My congrats, college! Great work! Looks really pleasant. Like it!


Devil Catcher is one of the most creative, fun, and stylish indie games on itch.io right now. The color scheme immediately draws you into the game, and the platformer mechanics are relatively easy to get used to. It was a challenge to beat, but not impossible; it was the perfect middle. I'm excited to play more content made by Tenkaiyo.


Thank you so so much for the compliments!! I'm really glad you enjoyed my game and I hope you will like my other games too!!!

Thank you for making such a fun game!  I'm excited to try your other games, and when I do, I'll post them on your itch.io page.   (:

Deleted 264 days ago

Thank you!! Thats so nice to hear!!


aaa i love this game!! 10/10 im not even like 30 mins into the game and ive already fallen inlove ^

Thank you so so much for the compliments!! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the game too!!!


can you make this for MacOS

I made a Mac version but just like the Linux version I'm unable to playtest that version, so if any Bugs or something comes up please let me know!!


Saw Devil Catcher had an update and had to check it out. Overall, it feels like a fair bit of work has been done. Minor changes the stage one's layout, yeah? Stage two was a mallet to the face with new platform mechanics and pursuit enemies, but a decent challenge.

Good job, dev. Keep at it.

Thank you so much!!! I changed a few things in the first level. I like your idea that the Health Upgrade stays for the Bossfight after a level so I might actually implement that!!

Glad you liked the idea!

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