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Gregore is a Third-Person Stealth game set in the Year 2027, where you as Gregor have to fight your way through a strange world full of unexpected occurrences. Gregore has 3 different bosses, 3 Endings and 3 unlockable Skins.

In the download File you will find a PDF containing the controls of the game and an explanation of the basic mechanics.

Since I don't own any of the rights to the music used in this game it won't be up for sale. All music used in this project is listed down below, please consider supporting theese artists if you liked the music in the game.

  • Killed a Man - Surfing
  • 空き家 - Haircuts for Men
  • Strategist - Kensuke Ushio
  • Electro Triple Star - DJ Kazuhiro
  • Cherry Blossom Trees - King quartz, Architecture in Tokyo
  • Phoenix #2772 - InfoCom Corp.
  • White Sheepman - DJ Kazuhiro
  • Moonlight - Surfing
  • Falling - m a l i b l u e : (
  • Lonely Nights - Dan Mason ダン·メイソン

Have fun!


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My God what a game!!!! Easily my favorite indie title form itch.io ever. The graphics, the music, I loved them!! I read that you want to make a similar game, so I will make a few suggestions as to what to avoid for your next title. Please, do forgive me if I'm a little harsh. I'm a fan and I'd like to see you improve your art even further.

- First of all, the controls. I really like the core loop here. Block / parry, and then slash. That's cool and all and I think you can use that for your next game as well, but not without a few adjustments. The controls need to be a lot more responsive, and I think you should add a few more extra moves for when we keep pressing the LMB. I understand that this is a stealth game, but the boss battles are not. Though I really liked them too, I sometimes found myself wishing that I could slash them more just for a better sense of satisfaction.

- Level design was OK in my opinion, with a few moments of absolute brilliance. For example, the introduction of the boss was incredible, when he shot one of our enemies. And the path to the second boss is a really nice little puzzle (though I never would have figured it out on my own!!) So maybe work on more complex / interesting levels. The level design is good as it is, but I think you have what it takes to make each one really count.

- You could delve on the story a little bit more. I know that exploring a story in an indie game is such a pain in the ass and adds a f**k ton of working hours, but I think you could keep the story fairly abstract but make it have more of an impact on the player. Environmental storytelling is a really easy and effect version of doing that. For example, we can find out more about who Gregory is, why he's a vigilante and who were the bosses etc. 

Anyway, looks like I already talked too much haha. I loved the game and will be waiting for more!

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Thank you so so much for the kind words and I really appreciate your critisism and will improve in these aspects for my future games! 
I actually cant say much other then thank you for your support and I hope you will like my next projects as much as this one c:


Amazing style from start to end, love this so much


I tried out this game and was amazed by the graphics.

What kind of program did you use to make such clean pixel art on polygon models? It reminds me of Megaman Legends with its design.

I can tell by the cyberpunk aesthetic you are going for. Love the designs and models. Especially the main character himself. The mask is good.

I was a bit sad to hear that this game won't be getting anymore updates since it was just a birthday present (I bet your friend was pleasantly surprised by it).

I highly recommend you work on a full release perhaps? There's a lot of things that are good here but also need improvement like the sneaking and combat mechanics. 

I somehow got the good ending without understanding how exactly does the good/bad choices work? What causes a good or bad ending to happen? Please do tell.

I also would like to know how to unlock the extras? You said the third skin is unlocked by getting a 0 kills 0 deaths run? Does that mean you cannot kill the bosses?

Overall I was really pleased by the game. I hope to see more future works like this.

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For the pixel art I used Photoshop and for the models i used Blender. Megaman Legends actually was one of the biggest artstyle inspirations for the game.

I will probably work on a similar game in the future with better and more fine tuned mechanics, and music made especially for the game, but right now I will just let the game be as it is.

The endings are effected just by the bossfights, the bosses have a bar for health and a bar for endurance, if you beat the first boss by filling up their endurance bar you pretty much get the good ending. If you defeat the first boss by draining their health you can get the middle or bad ending depending on how you deal with the second boss in the same manner.

For the 0 kills 0 death run you cant kill the bosses except the secret boss (the one without the endurance bar) becouse he doesnt count as a human.

Thank you a lot this was such a sweet comment!!


Yeah of course, I really enjoyed the game. I have two questions? Where is the big Maneki statue and how can I complete the 8th VR mission? I wasn't able to access it after finishing the 7th VR mission.


the big Maneki statue is behind a fake door in the basement in level 2. To unlock the 8th VR mission you have to beat every boss at least ones.


Amazing!! This is a must-play for indie game enthusiasts and it has great vibes. But how do you unlock the Extras? I've already beaten the game in Hard Mode and gotten two different endings

Thanks a lot!!

One Skin is unlocked by finding the big maneki nekos arm in the second level and giving it back.
The second skin is unlocked after beating all 3 bosses at least ones and then compleating the 8th VR mission.
The third skin is unlocked by getting a 0 kills 0 deaths run.

I may be stupid, but I don't see those VR missions

Sorry,  I probably should have made that a bit clearer.  Its in the Room on the right in the Apartment.



while playing your game i found some issues at its core.

i think that the stealth part of the game needs work

such as a crouch Butten and better detection.

i recommend the videos about stealth games from game makers tool kit on YouTube.

I also think that your game should be about stealth or combat not a Strang combo of both were both feel off. 

if you are going for just action or still a combo of both here's what i think you should change. 

1.enemys should not all attack at once instead attacking one at a time.

2. you should add a block don't just have a parry and if there was a block it was to useless for me to notice

3. you should be able to walk backwards so you can always face your enemy during combat

bonus. there should be a separate stealth kill animation

I also found some bugs like being able to glitch under the map and die, getting on top of the containers and people seeing you threw a wall. I think this has potential and i wish you the best of luck in your game creation journey.

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I really appriciate youre constructive critisism and I absoluetly agree. If I make a sequel or a similar game in the future I will work on all the points you made, but I wont change this game in any big way because I never intended to release this game on itch because it was originally just a late birthday present for 2 friends of mine.

Thanks for the detailed critisism and thank you for playing my game, hope you enjoyed it!


Whats new in V1.2?

Nothing new just some small changes and compatibility with 32 bit operating systems

Ah ok then. Thank you for letting me know

no problem!!


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So, I don't suppose the game is made like this, but, on the 2nd Level of the game, the boss didn't appear. I've double checked, killed all the enemies, got all the cards to be able to go to the roof, but nothing happens from that point on. Did I miss something, or is this just a bug? An explanation would be much appreciated

you have to jump down from the roof to the balcony

Yeah, tried that, nothing. Gonna go and try it again

you have to jump to the balcony and then jump down the elevatorshaft


Alright, I did it, found a way to beat the boss, and got the bad ending

Hi Tenkaiyo, I have a problem with the game. Whenever I start it, it gets stuck at the Unity intro. Ultimately, I have to force restart my PC again. Please inform me about this.

thats weird I dont really now what couses that problem, did this happen with any other unity  game before? Did you extract the folder before starting the exe?

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Yes I have run many Unity games before, and I do unzip the the files before running the .exe. I don't know what's happening this time though.

I didn't find a solution sadly but maybe try deleting and downloading the game, and check if the UnityPlayer.dll file is in the folder.

Hey, even though I haven't played it,  thanks for such an amazing game. I'm not much of a Unity user, but I suggest if you could add a Unity Crash Handler. 

Thank You!! Do you have a Windows System that is running on 32 and not 64 bits, if so download the new 1.2 Version. Apparently the Unity Crash Handler exists only in the newer versions of unity, and the game is made in a pretty old version so sadly I cant put the crash handler in the Foulder.


good retro

Very Very Cools!!! This is so good game!